Save Money on Your Car Insurance: Tips and Tricks for Cheaper Auto Insurance

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There’s a possibility you could save hundreds dollars from auto insurance, a really important reason for doing the AAA, car insurance has gone up by 16 percent over the last year massively more than inflation.

They can’t see a reason why that isn’t going to stop so that’s 82 quit on the typical car insurance policy you’re gonna get a shot when you come to renewal.

Of course the greats in Auto renewal that is occasionally your existing car insurance company will be cheaper generally it isn’t never just accept the price but there is an advantage.

One of the things to understand car insurance: your price is fixed for a year by definition you get it for a year so that’s the price that you pay so the earlier, everybody right now should be checking their price to see if you can do it cheaper whether you’re at renewal or not.

Even if you’re not at renewal you can’t change so let’s just go through three scenarios if you’re at renewal now I’m gonna come on in 2 tips of how to cut the cost if your renewal is within the next sixty days

There are a number of insurers who when you get a quote that quote is locked in for 60 days Aviva LV nationwide so you get a quote now then your renewal comes in 60 days time if that quote you’ve got now is cheaper than your renewal quote or the other cheapest at the time you’ve locked in earlier

In a price rise environment that’s good I’ll give you an example thing seven tweeted me to say renewal 521 dollars quote a month ago 319 dollars they honored it.

Getting a quote now even if you’re not going to do it for two months can work if you’re midway through your policy this is the score basically as long as you haven’t claimed in the year you can cancel your existing policy get a pro rate refund for the rest of the year
they’ll normally charge you a $50 admin fee.

You’re saving a lot of money and you’re locking in at a cheaper price it can be worth it. I just have my car insurance saving 543 dollars by changing mid, of course they’re then locked in so that price isn’t going to go up now for a year and we’re in a price rise environment this is why I’m saying everybody to check.

There are other ways you can do so, find the cheapest price the first thing I won’t go through in detail combined comparision sites don’t just use one they don’t all sorts search the same companies comparison sites do a good job if you’ve got normal circumstances use two or three open them in multiple windows and put your details.

You’ve got a clean record and you’ve not had any driving convictions and you’ve not had any accidents rather as well direct line and Aviva can be very competitive and they are not included by comparison sites they don’t allow themselves to be on there so add them into

Lots of people who say to me I wasn’t gonna check them I just gonna use a site I checked those and they were cheaper for me and then of course check that the policies suitable then we get onto the clever stuff gone then so we’re talking about look at car policy.

I’ve got nice tips for you let’s see how many I can get okay are you ready right okay first of all multi car policies and quite simply if you’ve got more than one car in the house and you’re all living together a multi car policy may be cheaper it also may be a lot more expensive comparison sites do not include multi car you have to do it.

All give you discounts for multi car so if you’ve got more than one car check stand alone check them separately it takes work this you know he’s gonna be about an hour to get a really good price and then check them by having them wrapped into one policy where you get a discount.

If you’re with a multi car policy don’t assume that’s cheapest check stand alone at each renewal because they tend to put the prices up as they go next one comprehensive may be cheaper than third party how’s that work then okay well you would expect comprehensive to be more expensive because it’s a more inclusion policy but here’s the point insurance pricing is all about actuarial risk

Full of policy it doesn’t always work but don’t assume third parties cheapest, if it’s your car your first driver that’s illegal but you could add is really good for younger drivers add your mum dad your granny someone with a good record older drivers tend to be better.