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On The Path To A Fairer Future!

Cryptocurrencies are the best investments of all-time and still the best performing financial assets of the last 3 years. Assets with such charateristics are exactly what the richest and most powerful people are always looking for and exactly what the poorest of the poorest can only dream of.

finance investment

Not only are these assets the best investments of all time and still the best performing of the last years but they are reducing governments power and redistributing them in the hand of the people. This is also exactly what everyone is looking for rich or poor.

Everyone is under the threat of a government. Everyone is trying to protect themselves and their wealth from governments’ reach.

Cryptocurrencies Are The Best Financial Assets Of All-Time Proof
Understanding Cryptocurrncy
Cryptocurrencies Are The Only Logical Investment Left
National Currencies Are A Bad Investment

finance investment

Cryptocurrencies aren’t backed by much, some microchips a few lines of codes and a bit of electricity, yet this makes them infinitely more valuable than any national currencies which are in fact created by some unknown man with the sole purpose of accruing their power on all of us, dividing and pitting us against one another.

Company stocks are also leading to the same kind of destructive competition while cryptocurrencies are creating beneficial competition. They are also much better investment than company stocks. This is discussed in more depth at the end of this post.

Fun fact, steam-electric power plants, produce about 86% of all electricity human generate. [unreferrenced: wikipedia]

Governments Are Oppressors

Governments are a mafia because no one can enter in an agreement with someone who are threatening to imprison them if they don’t agree with them. In this situation no real agreement is possible.

Whether or not these nations are controlled by some shadow governments or not is beside the point, the situation billions of people currently live in is so terrible than most of us don’t even dare to think about it, even less speak about it publicly or imagine ourselves in those people’s situation.

Goverments Lead To Genocides

As Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food said: “Anyone dying from hunger was dying from murder”. [source]

“Thirty-five million people die each year from hunger or its immediate aftermath. – One billion people are permanently and severely malnourished” [source]

No matter what the exact numbers on this are, the whole situation is even worst, all of this by government’s design, lack of power or will. Don’t fool yourself, the current situation is a designed one.

The numbers aren’t even taking into account those who have something to eat but live under the constant threat of being attacked by those who don’t or because their vile environment has given them no better option.

The numbers also don’t take all the other hardships humanity is going through which are the direct results of governments’ policies.

“Almost 70% of the 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty are women.” [WHO]

Note: The United Nation is a supra National agency and is not a solution to governments. It was in fact created by them.

Freeing Ourselves From Governments

Government are never going to solve these issues, they’re the one in power and the one who created them. They have used money they created out of thin air to divide and rule over nations and we will use cryptocurrencies created out of human ingenuity, code and electricity to unite and free ourselves from those same governments.

How things will turn out is pretty much out of our hands but whether or not we try is not.

Learning To Invest Into Cryptocurrencies
The Best Time To Invest Is Now!

The best way to begin benefiting from cryptocurrencies is by investing now. Don’t wait. Don’t push it back. Just don’t. I waited and waited and waited for whatever reasons. This was back in 2011 when Bitcoin was around 10$. I lost tons of potential profit, hundreds of thousands if not millions. We all waited and regret it.

So if you want to invest, don’t wait. That’s my first advice. Back then it was much harder to buy Bitcoin and it’s still much harder to buy Bitcoin than buying most thing but that wasn’t a valid reason to push it back back then and it isn’t one either today.

Look Bitcoin has gone up 71% in the last month, 655% in the last year. I think the case for people not to wait is overwhelming.

Your Initial Investment Is Crucial!

My second advice would be, if you plan on investing, go as big as you can possibly afford right from the start whether it be by taking a loan or just maxing out a credit card. I’m not saying anyone should risk all of their life savings or anyone’s long term well-being if they were to lose all of their investments. I actually advice against this.

I maxed out my credit card 2-3 years ago to buy more Bitcoin than I already had but if I had lost all of them that wouldn’t compromised my whole life, it would have been a very saddening experience but that’s pretty much it.

My point about the initial investment is that nothing can makeup for it. If someone invest 1,000$ in Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin rise 654% in the next year like it did in the last 365 days then it is pretty easy to see no amount of future investments could ever makeup for the missed opportunity the initial investment presents.


You are in charge of it now. There’s no bank to refund you. If someone gets hold of your cryptocurrencies that’s it, they’re gone. This is something we need to learn nowadays, just like we need to learn to drive a car, use a computer, ATM, and cellphone, we need to learn how to use and secure cryptocurrencies.

The basics are pretty simple and the reasons to learn them and learned about cryptocurrencies have been made clear above. Once those basics are learn, that’s it, they’re pretty much learned for life.

Finding An Exchange

To begin with I would recommend people look at this list and try to see if their national currency is listed there. This is a list of excnahges where Bitcoin can be bought. Under the column pair are the type of currencies which are paired with Bitcoin, meaning which are use to buy Bitcoin.

The bigger the daily traded volume, the higher the pair is listed. If you can find your national currency listed there, then clicking on the pair will get you to that exchange. Very often, the bigger the daily volume, the better the Bitcoin price compare to other exchanges and also the higher the reputation of the exchanges but that’s far from being an absolute correlation.

I highly recommend using 2 factor authentication on all the exchanges you will be using.

Transfering Your Money On An Exchange

Sign up on an exchange of your choice and follow the instruction to transfer money there. You can google the name of the exchange to find reviews about its reputation. Also if you didn’t find your currency listed on the previous list, google “buy Bitcoin + the name of your country” and you’ll most probably find one way or another to buy Bitcoin. You can also ask a friend who are into cryptocurrencies to sell you some, both ways have their advantages.

I’m in Canada and I use There are a couple of ways to transfer Canadian Dollars there among them bank wire and interac online. For the first transfer I did the smallest transfer I could and I would recommend everyone test their exchange with the small process but that’s up to everyone. The transfer could be instantaneous or take a couple of days depending on the transfer method.

Buying Your First Bitcoin

From there, buy Bitcoin is pretty straight forward. Place a buy order and wait to see if someone sell their Bitcoin at the price you are offering or buy from the lowest sell order price. It’s rarely a good idea to buy from the sell orders as cryptocurrencies tend to go down quite substantially before going back up even more and even on a daily basis when prices move mostly sideways they still fluctuate quite a lot.

Don’t Hold Your Bitcoin On Exchanges

After buy your first Bitcoin and maybe initiating your second larger transfer of fiat currency to the exchange, it’s time to securely store your Bitcoin on a Bitcoin wallet.

There’s many reasons not to store Bitcoin on exchanges. Exchanges hold a lot of cryptocurrencies and are prime targets for hackers. Big hacks can make exchanges insolvent which most of the time translate in everyone losing all of the cryptocurrencies they were holding there.

This happens more than once, on big exchanges. This isn’t some minor risk. It is a very real risk and needs to be taken seriously.

Storing Your Bitcoin On Your Computer
Offline Bitcoin wallets are the most secure way to store your Bitcoin. They are super easy to use. There exist hardware wallets too. I recommend hardware wallets for more advanced users or when investing larger sums of money. There exist a large number of Bitcoin wallets software and a few Bitcoin wallets hardware. A simple google search will reveal a lot of results listing the most popular and how to use them.

Using Electrum

I personally use Electrum. The link below is the official download link at the moment of writing my post. Make sure to have the right link.

Below are 3 of the best tutorial on how to create a wallet, transfer money to any wallet, restore a wallet and more. There’s no need to have the computer connected to the internet to create a wallet. That’s why it’s called a offline wallet. It might sound counter-intuitive at first, at least it did to me but that’s how it is.

The first link is the most straight forward and easy to use. It is really easy to use. Anyone can learn in a couple of minutes. Always begin with small amount of Bitcoin when doing transaction for the first time.

To create an offline wallet just unplug your internet cable after having downloaded the Electrum software and begin the process detailed in one of the link below.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
Electrum offline transactions tutorial (Video 4m)
Electrum: a light and simple wallet for Bitcoin @catto000
Storing Your Seed And Password
Make sure to store your seed and password in multiple safe places, be it paper or USB keys.

Using A Password Manager

I recommend using a password manager to store all your passwords. Password managers can also generate unbreakable password with one simple click. Password managers are a must.

The only password you’ll need to remember when using a password manager is the master password. This master password will gives access to all your other passwords and will keep them encrypted.

Password managers also have many other options like auto-fill form. I use a password manager called Keepass.

Learn more about the different password managers below.

Password Managers Compared
Best Password Managers 2017
Diversifying Your Blockfolio

Altcoins are also bought on the exchanges, most of the time in Bitcoin and some can also be bought with fiat currencies.

If the altcoin you want to buy is not the exchange you initially bought your Bitcoin, you can send your newly acquired Bitcoin to another exchange without having to go through all the verification process necessary for transferring fiat currencies. Only a simple sign up will be needed. Look for the receiving Bitcoin address there and send your Bitcoin to this address.

I’ll comeback on this subject in an upcoming post.

Money Is Just A Tool, It’s What We Use It For That Matters
Empowering Others, Empowers Oneself!

What the world truly need is more empowered people and empowerment comes from knowledge. Knowledge are made of bits of information linked and accessed in a meaningful way. Cryptocurrencies are just that, information linked and accessed in a meaningful way.

People who mine cryptocurrencies are indirectly stating they want power to shift away from governments and back to the individuals. Not only are they stating it but they are making it happen whether they realize it or not.

People who are spreading empowering knowledge are doing the same as those who are mining cryptocurrencies but in a much more fundamental manner.

A big part of Steem is about spreading empowering knowledge.

On Steem, the closer someone is to empowering themselves at the expense of everyone else, the closer they are to get down voted by everyone else. And on the contrary the more empowering someone is, the closer they are to get upvoted by everyone else.

Our Most Valuable Thing The Whole

Information is what truly sustain us. We are information in the form of DNA and energy. If we cannot sustain our body with information/DNA/food no amount of digital information/cryptocurrencies can makeup for it.

A single gram of DNA can store 215 petabytes (215 million gigabytes). In principal, DNA could store every bit of datum ever recorded by humans in a container about the size and weight of a couple of pickup trucks. [Source]

DNA create everything we need to thrive. DNA is the very foundation of who we are and what sustain us in the form of food and biosphere.

Cryptocurrencies are just tools, an extension of who we are, to influence our biosphere and make it more enjoyable.

Money Is Neutral
Whether it be fiat or cryptocurrencies, money is neutral and can be use to create or destroy. The more disempowered people feel, the more threaten and desperate their actions will become. This is normal behavior and we shouldn’t expect anything else from these people. It is up to the rest of us to bring about the world we long for.

Company Stocks VS National Currency
Rich people prefer to hold company stocks rather than holding national currencies is because nations are debasing their currencies by constantly creating more, while companies have incentives to out performed national currencies and the other competing companies.

In a sense, governments are constantly fleecing their “shareholders”, its citizenry, while companies are trying to enrich theirs. Companies keep their specialized knowledge to themselves. Companies can’t look to benefit everyone because that would mean benefiting even their competitors.

Company Stocks VS Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are better than company stocks because companies always try to accrue more power even at the expense of some of its employees while cryptocurrencies empower everyone fairly. They are open-source. Every cryptocurrencies benefit every other cryptocurrencies.

A Brighter Future Is Emerging!

Governments and companies are bad for everyone. In 2008, two judges were convicted of giving harsher sentence than necessary in return of money by for-profit prison to increase the number of residents in the centers. Those longer sentences translated into more profit for those prison centers. [wikipedia]

Many for-profit prison companies have lobbyist working to get everyone on Earth into a big giant prison, so to speak, no matter what the offence, just to increase their profit. As for the armament companies, they’re all trying to get us into any war they can, while big pharmaceutical companies are pushing any treatments possible, never truly empowering us about the true source of health which are nutrition and lifestyle.