Life’s Greatest Mysteries!

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The universe’s beauty seems infinite or at least, it’s as close as it gets, I love to think this exquisite beauty is perfectly being reflected in this sentence as well as embedded in the very fabric of everything we do, which in a sense it is, it’s just that we don’t necessarily always see it.

The Great Mystery
Life And Death

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That’s part of life, the great mystery we’re all part of, a mystery of unfathomable everything.

Sometimes, only how painful this mystery is, seems to equal its greatness, while for some, for whatever reasons, suffering can become too great at some point, leading them to reach out for the universe’s second greatest mystery, death.

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Death’s mystery is as great as life’s mystery and only second in its chronological order. Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to postpone death as much as possible, in fact, I’m pretty much all for it.

I won’t go in detail into this but I see those who oppose life extension technologies as part of the “natural” selection process, these people get to live their early natural death while others get to live their unnatural extended life and everyone live and die happy.

There really is no need to get offended by this tongue-in-cheek joke, as this is just a joke. I wish the best to everyone and that we can all come together for the greater good.

Let’s Mutually Empower Each Others Project!
Before going any further with this post, I want to say, this post is part of a series. This series is about empowering individuals and helping strengthen this culture of mutual empowerment. It is part of a wider scope empowerment project. Each posts are very powerful on their own but even more so as a whole.

Cryptocurrencies are pretty literally the best financial investments of all time. Proof of this is shown in #3.

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Cryptocurrencies Are Creating New Paradigms!

I think it’s worth it, pun intended, to be repeating the stats below until they become known by most.

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency invented and still the one with the biggest market cap, has gone up in price by 919,900% from an initial price of 0.50$ in January 2011 to 4,600$ today.

10$ worth of Bitcoin back then is now worth around 92,000$. The price of Bitcoin has gone up 650% and 200% in the last 365 days and 4 months respectively.

The market cap of cryptocurrencies, the value of all cryptocurrencies combined is $165B+ and rank them as the 41th largest company in the world by market cap, right under Toyota Motor and Intel.

It would put cryptocurrencies as the 46th biggest economy by M3, between South Africa and Qatar.

The price of Bitcoin, in April 2010, on it’s very first exchange, the now defunct, was $0.003.

At this rate, cryptocurrencies would surpass Apple’s market cap of $815B in under a year and become part of the G20, ranking as the 18th biggest economy. In less than 2 years, cryptocurrencies would rank as the third biggest economy, right under China and the USA and 1 year later, they would then represent $120T. [source]

The Greater Good
It’s A Personal Thing Really
The greater good is made up of the sum of the individual people’s well-being. Like every personal thing, it is subjective, it is a personal truth.

Everything we do in life is based on our own perceptions, our own truth and everything others do is based on their own perceptions, their own truth. Our truth is what we value and what we value, is what our truth is.

“Only individuals can make an estimation of truth based upon their own perceptions.” – @dantheman – [Source]

Everything We Value

To value, to esteem is one very fundamental part of life. This is perfectly reflected in the way Steem is design from the very name itself. Steem is a cryptocurrency with a stake based voting system. The more Steem Power* someone owns, the greater their influence on who or what posts receive the new Steem which get created every 3 seconds.

On Steem, we estimate or give a value judgment based on everything we perceive. We vote for those who are the best at expressing our most empowering truths in a way to bring about mutual empowerment with the spirit of countering empowerment at the expense of others.

Each Steem are currently worth around 1.47$. Their price fluctuate according to demand and offer.

*”Steem: An In-Depth Overview!”
Steem: Rewards The Most Empowering People And Ideas

If everyone voted only for themselves then every Steemians would grow their amount of Steem by the same %. Only Steem witnesses would grow their Steem at a faster rate. (What are witnesses is explain below.) This simple mechanism assures Steem content will always be a net positive.

Simply put, Steemians have incentive to approve witnesses who aren’t selfish, the incentive being, they, those who approve witnesses could receive votes for their posts from those who they approved as witnesses.

Thus the most widely supported witnesses won’t be selfish and the Steemians and posts which will be the most mutually empowering should always eventually rise at the top and get the most attention and rewards.

Most of the time, empowering others is the most empowering thing we can do.

Vote For Witnesses That Empower You!

Steem witnesses are the equivalent of the Bitcoin miners. If you’ve never heard of Steem, cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin bare with me for a second.

Any Steem account can become a witness. Steem witnesses use dedicated computer running 24/7. It is these computers which are creating the Steem blockchain. New Steem blocks, making up the blockchain, are created every 3 seconds and are said to be signed by witnesses rather than mined like cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Steem Witnesses: An In-depth Overview!.
The Steem Bockchain

The chronological order of these blocks are called the blockchain. Each blocks contains all the operations done by Steemians in the previous 3 seconds, in text form only, no image or video, only the links to those are stored.

Among those operations are the full text of posts, comments, editing of these, the Steem transfers, upvotes, flags, resteems, power up, power down, SBD conversions, profile changes, account creations, password changes, post rewards, curation rewards, block creation rewards, follow, unfollow, price feed publications and much more.

Every new blocks create new Steems for the post, curation, interest on Steem Power and witness rewards or block creation rewards.

The Steem blockchain is currently 85GB+.

Witnesses Are Looking For Your Support!

Every witnesses in the top 20 signed around 1370 blocks for which they currently get paid roughly 0.18 Steem per blocks or 247 Steem per day. If compared to the best paid authors daily, this put them as the top 20 best paid authors today.

The rest of the witnesses sign the rest of the blocks proportional to the stake weighted votes/approval their witness receive compare to other backup witnesses. Backup witnesses are the witnesses which aren’t in the top 20. Top 20 witnesses are the witnesses who receive the most stake weighted votes/approval.

Backup witnesses currently sign between roughly 60 blocks and 0 blocks a day each for which they are paid roughly 0.9 Steem a block. How many block each witness sign can be seen here.

Voting For Witnesses

Anyone has 30 witness votes or in other word any Steem account can vote for 30 different witness and change those vote at any time. Anyone who doesn’t vote for witnesses or doesn’t use its 30 votes is missing out on their power to influence who signs the most blocks and who receive the block rewards.

We all want witnesses to represent our truths, just like we want the best paid authors to be those who best express those same truths. Authors, which are those who receive the biggest part of the reward pool, roughly 67% of the reward pool in the last 30 days, should logically end up supporting the witnesses that best support their views, mutually empowering one another.

Steem: Where Witnessing The Uplifting Is The Norm!

The top witnesses aren’t necessarily the biggest whales in fact, they aren’t, for the most part. Some of the biggest Steem whales could easily be in the top 20 witnesses but instead they judge it would be more beneficial if some other Steemians occupied those places.

Witnessing this is very uplifting. Some whales, at least one whale has even decided to totally stop their witness all together, leaving more opportunities for ascending Steemians.

Whales deciding to step down so to speak and put some much smaller stakeholders as top witnesses is something most Steemians might have never realized before but it is something very real and very uplifting as I’ve already said. Not everyone is trying to abuse everyone else in this world, Steem is a testament to that, in fact most people would rather chose mutual help whenever possible over any merciless competition.

Decentralized Technologies Are Decentralizing Power!

Even today’s most powerful warlords would most probably chose to live in a more merciful and cooperative world if they simply knew how to achieve it without putting their freedom at risk.

Steem is part of an emerging movement of decentralized technologies which are empowering each of us to create a more enjoyable future. Cooperation empowers all of us more than any type of competition.

Steem is all about cooperation and mutual empowerment.

Centralization Is Rarely A Good Thing If Ever
The Case For Decentralization

Today’s most popular websites are, starting from the most popular, Goole, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Reddit, etc., are all owned by companies with special interests. These special interests aren’t those of the people at large but the interest of those company stock shareholders and possibly more sinister group like shadow governments and secret societies.

These companies aren’t there to ultimately empower us, they are there to empower themselves. Anyone who still consider Wikipedia to be neutral and a non-profit organization should be reminded truth is a personal thing, a subjective thing and no matter how good we can try to be unbias, we can never totally be unbiased, this is impossible.

Wikipedia, just like the others, isn’t unbiased, nor can it be. Starting from first principal, we know nobody can be totally unbiased as truth is a personal thing that only people can determine for themselves.