Life Is Awesome!

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Life is so awesome, most people try to avoid death until their very last breath, pretty much so no matter what. If that wasn’t the case then suicide would be the number one cause of death but it isn’t. Obviously it doesn’t make this cause of death to be any less tragic.

But even for those who decide to end their life, it’s not that they thought life was never awesome but simply that at some point, suffering began to outweigh life’s awesomeness and their fear of death.

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Be Awesome! We Never Know When Our Time Comes!

Now, whatever comes after death might be even more awesome than life itself but no one knows for sure, thus the logical need people feel to try to squeeze everything they can out of it.

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I share this to highlight that even though there’s a whole lot of suffering in this world, there’s provably even more awesomeness.

In the end, maybe life’s awesomeness and suffering perfectly equal one another but nonetheless the experience of life itself could always be considered a net positive and that’s a very comforting thought.

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I Stand For What Feels Right

This hasn’t changed. This is why I get up in the morning, to make myself feel good and help make others feel the same about themselves.

What feels right is to feel in tune with reality, it’s when we aren’t engaging in self-deception. Today the whole human society is conducive to deception, in fact the higher people are in its many pyramids of power, the more they have to engage in deception, whether they realize it or not.

It’s a lot easier to live in tune with reality when our whole environment is also in tune with reality than when our whole environment is constantly seeking to deceive us and each other. This is why the more someone gets in tune with reality the more in its environment will also gets in tune with reality or they will avoid one another.

Making Governments Irrelevant

As I’ve already said in many of my previous posts, I’m seeking ways to make our world less deceiptful and less engaged in unnecessary acts of violence, by seeking ways to be more in tune with reality and to live in harmonious ways with mother nature.

I’m here seeking to create a voluntaryist society where all forms of human association are voluntary as opposed to the current form of society where governments cannot function without the threat of initiating violence/imprisonment.

There’s no need to know all the answers as to how exactly a voluntaryist society would look like nor is there anyway to have all of those answers at this moment.

Anything that empowers every humans rather than give even more power to the governments is a good thing for everyone.

“We’re creating systems that make governments irrelevant, taking dispute out of their jurisdiction to allow people to interact securely with each other.” – Me paraphrasing @dantheman – (source)

Creating Fairer Systems Of Governance

To make governments irrelevant we need to create better forms of money than the national currencies created by them, money which is created out of nothing at the expense of everyone else and which have help governments create misery of unparalleled scale.

Cryptocurrencies are this better forms of money first launched on January 3, 2009 with Bitcoin. These new types of money have began to shift power away from governments back to the individuals. I’ve try to explained some of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are a better type of money than national currencies in my post: “Understanding Cryptocurrencies: The Best Investments Of All Time”.

The post also explain what are cryptocurrencies in a way anyone can understand. I feel this is very important to understand, as this cryptocurrency rise as been the biggest wealth creation of the last 8 years and if I’m right will continue to be so for many years to come and everyone holding them are the first benefactors.

No matter who benefit from them first, in the end, I feel like cryptocurrencies are truly benefiting everyone.

This whole world is set up for a big shift in power, away from governments and back to the individuals.

The Universal Fear Of Not Having Enough

We all have this fear. We all want to avoid suffering so much than we’d do pretty much anything not to end up poor. Yet in today’s society, the more deception there is the better but this is only for those who rule society itself. Yet everyone are pushed to deceive one another.

And before the advent of cryptocurrencies, the situation seemed very dire, as anything done to help achieve a fairer society would always end up being counteract by governments creating more money out of nothing, further empowering themselves at the expense of everyone else.

The Will To Live In The Face Of Utter Despair
This video was filmed in Egypt. This 10 seconds clip beginning at the 7 seconds mark is probably the video I’ve watched the most in my life. It’s a very poignant clip. I don’t know what the Arabic part of it means.

Egypt has been in the top 5 US foreign aid recipient from at least 1995 to 2015. Egypt isn’t a developing country and the vast majority of this aid 86% in the last year was directly given to Egypt’s military forces.

The militarization of the whole world through any means possible, through nowadays what is called “foreign aid” which goes on directly to fund, train and equip any forces coveted by the most powerful rulers have been happening since as long as recorded history began.

No amount of “foreign aid” is meant to really help anyone but the rulers, just like no wars is meant to help anyone but the rulers of start them. But this “aid” only exist to further deceive people and make them always more reliant and subserviant to those rulers instead of making people self-reliant and independent.

As long as I have the freedom to, I will work to bring about a better world.

Nobody Voted For People Being Left Starving To Death

I’m not okay with people starving to death, nor does anyone of us should. We should all look towards changing the current status quo and not only for those people starving to death but for everyone going through any avoidable hardships most of them created by those inherently violent governments.

If we’re all scared of not having enough money then we can all easily understand how the poorest and most uneducated must feel about their situation, where not only are they lacking food, medicine and education but sometimes their whole village is.

The world doesn’t lack money or food, the world is designed the way it is, having created untold hardship for most while an ever smaller group of people amass an ever increasing amount of physical wealth.

This doesn’t have to be like this and it’s up to all of us to take the necessary actions to bring about the world we long for.

Over time humans have been able to increase the amount of goods and services they produce at a fix amount of energy, yet all of those benefits will continue to be enjoyed by an ever smaller group if we don’t unit and rise up.

Cooperation Over Exploitation

Cooperation is better than exploitation and we all need to make this an integral part of how we live.

I’m here on Steem to cooperate with others. I’m here because I know that cooperation is better for everyone than exploitation and deception. I’m here to share about these truths.

I’m here to pool my knowledge and money to create greater things than what I would be able to create on my own.

I’m here because the incentives to do good in the face of social pressure can often be a greater incentive than our own self-determination.

I’m here to speak the truth and expose the deception we’re face with.

Most people won’t remember much of what I said in my life but anyone can come on Steem in the future and read what I shared here and learn about me from an incorruptible source and of quasi indestructible nature. This is very priceless.

The Life We All Cherish So Much

The whole money race is rigged against us. Money is being created and use against us and to rob us of the life we all cherish so much. We need to try to stop being control by fear and begin to help one another realize all of those deceptions that are being used against us. We need to stand up for one another.

This is not just talk on my part. I’m really looking to make this happen more and more each day, not just by sharing my knowledge online but also by looking to make my every actions ever more in line with my deepest convictions.

Life Is Not About How Much Money Someone Makes

It’s about how much joy they create. Steem, like life is not about how much money we have or how much we’ve made but how much we enjoy it for ourselves and how enjoyable we make it for others. As I’ve said many times, this is easy for me to say as I’m not starving to death from lack of money nor am I in some other immediate life threatening condition.

This is further reasons for me to try to help others and try to inspire them to do the same. Everyone know what it feels to be in need and how bad it can feel, just like everyone know life would be worthless if there was no one to share it with.

Our Universal Desire To Help!

I’ve been on Steem since May 2016. I’ve been a witness since September 2016. I’ve just re-read my almost 1 year old witness application post today which was a fun read.

I currently control around 1% of the author reward pool which roughly put me in the top 20 most powerful voters. A large part of this (86%) comes from SP that has been delegated to me a couple months ago.

Over my time on Steem a lot of people have kept asking me how to be successful, to which I should answer, try to instill joy in others. Not only will it make you successful on Steem but at life itself.

The reason why Steem was created in the first place is to reduce the need for violence, it’s to create a more peaceful and more enjoyable world.

The Only Meaningful Measure Of Success Is Joy

A lot of people think because their post didn’t generate as much money as they wished for that they aren’t successful but the money generated by a post isn’t a reliable gauge for its success. If everyone created what the think would be the best post possible then everyone would vote only for themselves and everyone would receive Steem in proportion to how much Steem they own.

@freedom is the second biggest holder of Steem Power after @steemit, any post which would receive a vote by this account would receive around 528$ just from this single vote. Such a vote isn’t a reliable gauge for success either and such a vote could be negated by down votes from anyone else.

To instill joy we should look toward living in tune with reality. This is the way to create consensus. Live by your truth and don’t let any immediate number of votes or dollars be the judge of anyone’s Steem success.

Help People And People Will Help You

There are leaders on Steem. @freedom is one and possibly the greatest but hasn’t voted in a long time. I didn’t provide my stats about my vote to brag about it, I provided it to empower people. I want people to look at the most powerful voters and learn about them and about why those Steemians vote who they vote for and what they vote for. Study Steem to make the most out of it.

I myself am looking to make the message of this post more accessible. I want this to be more widely shared. Not necessarily this exact post but its essence and the essence of the whole series it’s part of.

Associate with leaders as cooperation serves everyone fairly. On Steem, leaders want to create other leaders as everyone empower everyone else. On Steem, trying to exploit one another will inevitably lead to being exposed as everyone as real incentive to keep everyone in check. There are no middle man who could possibly manipulate or interfere with any of the data.

Working Toward Advancing Society

We all have different strenghts. Some are better with writing, others with coding, moving others, manual labor, etc., and by pooling all of our strenght we make each of us stronger.

We need to expose the lie that there isn’t enough for everyone and that the way things are, are the way things ought to be. This is a lie. Things could be a lot better for everyone.

Better systems of governance and money creation have been created than the current centralized one ran by governments and these newer and better systems are constantly being improved upon.

I’m here on Steem to help leverage these better systems to help us create a more enjoyable world.

Working Toward Advancing Steem

I’m not on Steem to upvote the next celebrity fad, media sensation or billionaire’s intellectual masturbation. No amount of billionaire’s intellectual masturbation will solve the current inherent problem pose by the centralized money creation systems and the wealth concentration they lead to.

I’m not here to replace anyone or imitate anyone. I’m myself and that’s who I want to be and that’s who everyone should aim to be, themselves.

Here’s a link showing the people I supported the most with my votes in the last 2 weeks. Here’s a link to those who supported me the most for the same period.

Support Witnesses: Every Votes Count

I want to highlight that most of the people I supported with my votes are people who support my witness. This make sense. People seek support from people whom they agree with. We should all seek to make these mutual supports even stronger as we go. Most Steemians don’t support any witnesses.

Here’s a link to see who are the top 50 witnesses and who support them. (Below top 50, my witness “teamsteem” is included.)

We can see that the votes from smaller voters aren’t negligible for any of the witnesses and that those smaller voters often make a very important contribution to the overall support of most witnesses.

Every witness vote counts. Every Steemians can vote for 30 witnesses and those can be changed at any moment.

Click here to vote and here to see which witnesses are still active or online. (The red one are offline.)

Understanding Steem To Get The Most Out Of It

If we’d compared the individual pay made by the top 20 witnesses each of them would rank above almost all the best paid authors of almost any single day. I’ve discussed this in a previous post under the subtitle: “Witnesses Are Looking For Your Support!”

All of us, no matter how much money or Steem we have or make are seeking to make our life more enjoyable and this is what our posts and votes are all about. But the reward pool is limited and made of newly emitted Steem which are decreasing at a constant pace with each new blocks.

Anyone who doesn’t understand Steem basic functioning might end up deceiving themselves with apprehensions not reflective of reality. This is also true of life itself.

“Steem: An In-Depth Overview!” (The clearest guide to understand what Steem is and what it can do for you!)
“What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!” (Your 30 most important Steem vote.)
Seek ways to make life more enjoyable for everyone and life will become more enjoyable for yourself.

I love to think that all of us will some day upvote someone primarily because they are in dire need rather then because their post is very valuable in itself. Knowing we helped someone in dire need is of the upmost value.

Steem: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Steem is already the most valuable place for me to share my ideas, I don’t exclusively mean in a monetary sense. It has been so since I’ve first learned about it in May 2016. Steem allows me or anyone to be rewarded for everything we say. Sooner or later it will compete with every other websites on the internet.

As Steem becomes more and more popular, people will shun away from relying on the outdated platforms provided by news agencies owned by billionaires. Not only will the audiences have real sound incentives to leave those platforms but the same will be true of the journalists publishing on these platforms.

If we don’t engineer those revolutionary technologies like cryptocurrencies, that empower the individuals over centralized power then those technologies will never come about. I’m pretty sure all revolutionary technologies and what they made possible seemed pretty absurd and impossible when they were first imagined.

All Social Networks Will Adopt Steem’s Model

I’ve watched Youtube trending page for more than 2 years now and I’ve seen only one video about cryptocurrency reaching the trending page, yet cryptocurrencies are the best financial investments of all time. Here’s the list of the 500 most subscribed to Youtubers. I highly doubt there’s any cryptocurrency expert on the list or any of them that treats of the inherent threat posed by centralization and governments.

I’ve watched the Reddit’s front page for years now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything related to cryptocurrencies, yet one would think the best financial investment of all time should be of major interest for the vast majority of humans.

The most liked pages on Facebook can be found here and from it we can rapidly determine those pages haven’t been created to bring about the changes this world desperately need nor could they, even if they wished to, only Steem in conjunction with other cryptocurrencies can help this happen.

Steem Is About To Get Much More Viral!

Steemit Inc which is currently the greatest force behind Steem’s growth is artificially slowing down the rate at which new accounts are created. There are currently many good reasons for them to with hold account creation, one of them is that the current system is costing them a lot of Steem Power to create each new accounts as well as being prone to automated account creation abuse malicious actors. They have developed a new system to solve this issue. This new implementation will be release soon.

Obviously account creation is one of the leading metric when it comes to Steem growth as it’s one directly influencing all other metrics.

I simply can’t imagine how much faster Steem’s growth and adoption will be in the future but all I can say is that everything about Steem and cryptocurrencies in general make me very enthusiast for a better future and more enjoyable present.

Steemit is a team of 32+ dedicated individuals including 20+ developers on and Steem, the blockchain. [Source]

Redistributing Power!
As I wrote above, I’m like everyone else in the sense that I sometime get scared of not having enough money to get by in life but Earth is bountiful enough to fulfill everyone’s need of space, air, heat, food, love, compassion etc., it’s simply that these aren’t distributed well enough yet, for whatever reasons. That’s what we needs to be worked on.