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If national currencies are so obviously created out of nothing for the sole benefit of a small elite at the expense of everyone else then why isn’t there a more cohesive opposition to this system?

Why isn’t there more celebrities, gurus, activists, so called intellectuals or scientists joining forces, relentlessly exposing and opposition this deception day in and day out?

finance investment

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finance investment

Such a group as former US President Woodrow Wilson described could have the power to keep people from publicly opposing the current ruling elite from fear of reprisal whatever those reprisal might be.

There are many public figures who are convinced such groups exist and who have given public testimonies of having been threaten by these groups or people to the point of having to stop publicly opposing them.

This has happened to people living in so called democratic countries.

The Mighty Power Of Money Creation

“In essence, the ex nihilo money creation practiced by the private banks is identical — I do not hesitate to say this because it is important that people understand what is at stake here — to the manufacture of currency by counterfeiters, who are justly punished by law. In practice both lead to the same result. The only difference is that those who benefit are not the same.” – Maurice Allais, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics [Wikiquote]

Before going further into the subject of repression by tyrannical shadowy organizations, I want to clarify some aspects of money creation.

First of all, money creation out of nothing is not even something secret. Fractional reserve banking and quantitive easing are two such schemes among others schemes, all of which consist of simply adding money to the balance sheet of someone or some companies, in other words adding money to their bank account, money created out of nothing obviously playing a very fundamental role in the way society is shaped.

Post #2 goes into much more details about money creation and provide good resources to investigate money creation.

The Money Masters

Whenever we acquire some money, it means somewhere someone is getting less and in our world this result in many people dying and many more living in horrible condition.

The whole system of money creation and everything attached to it are ridiculously deceiving and those running it are artificially engineering hardship of unparalleled scale. Thanks to great minds and cryptocurrencies radically fairer systems are at hand.

Now back to those all powerful organizations US President Woodrow and many others described.

I plan on doing posts on history and cover some of what it can teach us about the existence of such organizations but in this post I just want to list a couple public figures that have talked about, against or even testified about being coerced by such organizations.

The testimonies below aren’t necessarily describing the exact kind of organization President Woodrow has described yet they portray a diametrically opposite reality to the one the ruling elite’s propaganda machine has been spuing since it exists, a very deceiving elite as some of these quotes demonstrate.

Katt Williams Is Against The Illuminati
One of the best example of such testimony is one I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous post comes from Katt Williams.

“Some of us are against the Illuminati and we are against the Illuminati at our own detriment. When people are against the Illuminati, then, they get punched in the face all the time, the press hates them and nobody likes them. End quote… Exactly, Dave Chappelle has never a been part of the Illuminati. They don’t want him or me or people like us. But now it’s not necessary for us to stir up their hornets nest unless we intend to get stung a million times. I didn’t understand that. They had to sting me a million times. I’m still not going to join them but I respect them a little more.” – Katt Williams [Source]

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep: The Whole Planet Is Being Lied To
“The exact moment when I realize the entire planet was being lied to and was put upon a spell to keep us unaware was back in 1996.” Prodigy

Edward Bernays Father Of Public Relation


Adam Weishaupt Fonder Of The Bavarian Illuminati

“Illuminati, historically, the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776. The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and abuses of state power. “The order of the day,” they wrote in their general statutes, “is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.” [Wikipedia]

“Do you realize sufficiently what it means to rule—to rule in a secret society? Not only over the lesser or more important of the populace, but over the best of men, over men of all ranks, nations, and religions, to rule without external force, to unite them indissolubly, to breathe one spirit and soul into them, men distributed over all parts of the world?” – Adam Weishaupt [Wikiquote]

N.O.R.E. recounts he was offered “to walk through a door”, by what he called big boys, where there’s no coming back, where only certain people aware of certain thing are asked to go through. He has gone into more depth about this in this other interview.

“There is a certain level that you get at, that you can’t go no futher, unless you are aware of certain things and I’ll leave it at that… There’s a door that you have to walk and it’s on you to walk through that door and once you walk through that door there is no coming back. Now I didn’t walk through that door… but I got to that level… There was big boys saying there’s another step.”

Matt Damon Reading Howard Zinn’s Speech
“I start from the supposition that the world is topsy-turvy, that things are all wrong, that the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail, that the wrong people are in power and the wrong people are out of power, that the wealth is distributed in this country and the world in such a way as not simply to require small reform but to require a drastic reallocation of wealth. I start from the supposition that we don’t have to say too much about this because all we have to do is think about the state of the world today and realize that things are all upside down.”

” If you don’t think, if you just listen to TV and read scholarly things, you actually begin to think that things are not so bad, or that just little things are wrong. But you have to get a little detached, and then come back and look at the world, and you are horrified. So we have to start from that supposition-that things are really topsy-turvy. ”

“And our topic is topsy-turvy: civil disobedience. As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience, you are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem…. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience.”

“We recognize this for Nazi Germany. We know that the problem there was obedience, that the people obeyed Hitler. People obeyed; that was wrong. They should have challenged, and they should have resisted; and if we were only there, we would have showed them. Even in Stalin’s Russia we can understand that; people are obedient, all these herdlike people.”

“Remember those bad old days when people were exploited by feudalism? Everything was terrible in the Middle Ages-but now we have Western civilization, the rule of law. The rule of law has regularized and maximized the injustice that existed before the rule of law, that is what the rule of law has done.”

“When in all the nations of the world the rule of law is the darling of the leaders and the plague of the people, we ought to begin to recognize this. We have to transcend these national boundaries in our thinking. Nixon and Brezhnev have much more in common with one another than – we have with Nixon. J. Edgar Hoover has far more in common with the head of the Soviet secret police than he has with us. It’s the international dedication to law and order that binds the leaders of all countries in a comradely bond. That’s why we are always surprised when they get together — they smile, they shake hands, they smoke cigars, they really like one another no matter what they say.”

“What we are trying to do, I assume, is really to get back to the principles and aims and spirit of the Declaration of Independence. This spirit is resistance to illegitimate authority and to forces that deprive people of their life and liberty and right to pursue happiness, and therefore under these conditions, it urges the right to alter or abolish their current form of government-and the stress had been on abolish. But to establish the principles of the Declaration of Independence, we are going to need to go outside the law, to stop obeying the laws that demand killing or that allocate wealth the way it has been done, or that put people in jail for petty technical offenses and keep other people out of jail for enormous crimes. My hope is that this kind of spirit will take place not just in this country but in other countries because they all need it. People in all countries need the spirit of disobedience to the state, which is not a metaphysical thing but a thing of force and wealth. And we need a kind of declaration of interdependence among people in all countries of the world who are striving for the same thing. ” – [Full Speech Transcript]

My views on the US Constitution can be read in the book: “No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority” and resumed in its appendix. The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.

Leon Trotsky

“An army cannot be built without reprisals. Masses of men cannot be led to death unless the army command has the death-penalty in its arsenal. So long as those malicious tailless apes that are so proud of their technical achievements—the animals that we call men—will build armies and wage wars, the command will always be obliged to place the soldiers between the possible death in the front and the inevitable one in the rear. And yet armies are not built on fear.” [My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography By Leon Trotsky]

War Is A Racket

Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. [Wikipedia]

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” [Wikiquote]

Freedom Of Speech In The Face Of Tyranny

Whether or not such a group or a very similar group of people as Woodrow Wilson described does exist, the fact remains national currencies are created out of nothing and added to the balance sheet of some people and companies some of which are known while other are unknown.

Since 1995, the US has more than double its money supply, effectively creating more than 10 trillions dollars. [Link] This money isn’t backed by anything, yet those national currencies are use to rob people of their labor, labor which is backed by real work, real human power.

If anyone were to receive a message by an unknown group of people asking them to stop talking about these kinds of topics with credible threats of reprisal if for anyone deciding to continue, I can’t see how continuing could ever be considered an option by anyone. Obviously revealing those kinds of message would carry the same threats.

It seems it can be very risky to simply talk about some people and issues even when those issues relate to supposedly so called democratic governments like the US. I don’t even see how people can rationally hold the opposite view, where they think public figures can freely speak out about pretty much anything they wish to.

Bill Hicks
“It’s just a handful of people who run everything, you know … that’s true, it’s provable. It’s not … I’m not a fucking conspiracy nut, it’s provable. A handful, a very small elite, run and own these corporations, which include the mainstream media. I have this feeling that whoever is elected president, like Clinton was, no matter what you promise on the campaign trail – blah, blah, blah – when you win, you go into this smoke-filled room with the twelve industrialist capitalist scum-fucks who got you in there. And you’re in this smoky room, and this little film screen comes down … and a big guy with a cigar goes, “Roll the film.” And it’s a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you’ve never seen before … that looks suspiciously like it’s from the grassy knoll. And then the screen goes up and the lights come up, and they go to the new president, “Any questions?” “Er, just what my agenda is.” “First we bomb Baghdad.” “You got it …” – Bill Hicks

Living Up To Our Fundamental Truth

Living up to our truth requires energy and will power. Today governments are robbing us of our labor/energy and fundamentally manipulating our intentions by creating currencies out of nothing as part of their secretive goals, currencies which in reality should be created to facilitate people’s cooperation by keeping a record of people’s energy input toward their common goal.

If somebody showed up at our door asking us the price to buy everything we own and upon hearing this price they would take out a printing press and start printing all the money we just asked them, everyone would be asking serious questions and we would all label this person as a dangerous crook of the worst kind, able to rob the whole world if they would only be a little bit better at hiding their printing money scheme.

Yet US governments have been doing exactly this and worst for more than an hundred years now with little to no resistance. There is some sort of resistance but most of this resistance might simply be so heavily controlled and contrived that most of it is going unnoticed by most.

By the way, the amount of money billionaires own is, more often then not, an account of how much they were able to make on the back of their fellow brothers and sisters, rather than an account of how much useful work they’ve output but also an account of how much they’ve been able to profit from the unfair system.

Fear influence people to act selfishly and this is a big part of what the current system thrives on. Shaming people into greatness isn’t a thing and only instill more disempowerment. We should instead look into inspiring one another toward living more righteous and empowering life.

Stand up for your truth! Nobody else can do it better!

Examples Of Governments Controlling The Opposition
“COINTELPRO (a portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations.” [Wikipedia]

Undercover officer spied on green activists
“A police officer who for seven years lived deep undercover at the heart of the environmental protest movement, travelling to 22 countries gleaning information and playing a frontline role in some of the most high-profile confrontations, has quit the Met, telling his friends that what he did was wrong.” [Link]

Police apologise to women who had relationships with undercover officers
“The settlement is a significant moment in a controversy that has enveloped police since late 2010 when Mark Kennedy, the undercover spy who infiltrated environmental groups for seven years, was unmasked by activists.”

” Another undercover officer, Bob Lambert, had relationships with four women while pretending to be an animal rights and environmental activist for four years in the 1980s. ”

“Helen Steel, an environmental campaigner who was one of the two defendants in the McLibel legal action against restaurant chain McDonald’s, had a two-year relationship between 1990 and 1992 with John Dines, who spied on leftwing groups. She said : “I am glad the Metropolitan police have finally admitted that these undercover relationships were abusive and indefensible.””

” The fourth undercover officer named in the legal action was Jim Boyling, who infiltrated environmental and animal rights groups between 1995 and 2000. During that time, he started a relationship with a campaigner and went on to have two children with her. ” [Link]

Environmental defenders being killed in record numbers globally
” Two hundred environmental activists, wildlife rangers and indigenous leaders trying to protect their land were killed in 2016, according to the watchdog group Global Witness – more than double the number killed five years ago. ”

“And the frequency of killings is only increasing as 2017 ticks by, according to data provided exclusively to the Guardian, with 98 killings identified in the first five months of this year.”

“John Knox, UN special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, said: “Human rights are being jettisoned as a culture of impunity is developing.”

“There is now an overwhelming incentive to wreck the environment for economic reasons. The people most at risk are people who are already marginalized and excluded from politics and judicial redress, and are dependent on the environment. The countries do not respect the rule of law. Everywhere in the world, defenders are facing threats.

“There is an epidemic now, a culture of impunity, a sense that anyone can kill environmental defenders without repercussions, eliminate anyone who stands in the way. It [comes from] mining, agribusiness, illegal logging and dam building.” [TheGuardian]

USA Admitted Crimes Against Their Citizens
The Plutonium Files
“The experiments began in 1945, when Manhattan Project scientists were preparing to detonate the first atomic bomb. Radiation was known to be dangerous and the experiments were designed to ascertain the detailed effect of radiation on human health. Most of the subjects, Welsome says, were poor, powerless, and sick.[3]”

“From 1945 to 1947, 18 people were injected with plutonium by Manhattan project doctors. Ebb Cade was an unwilling participant in medical experiments that involved injection of 4.7 micrograms of Plutonium on 10 April 1945 at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.[4][5] This experiment was under the supervision of Harold Hodge.[6] Other experiments directed by the United States Atomic Energy Commission continued into the 1970s.”

“In Nashville, pregnant women were given radioactive mixtures. In Cincinnati, some 200 patients were irradiated over a period of 15 years. In Chicago, 102 people received injections of strontium and caesium solutions. In Massachusetts, 57 developmentally disabled children were fed oatmeal laced with radioactive tracers in an experiment sponsored by MIT and the Quaker Oats Company. In none of these cases were the subjects informed about the nature of the procedures, and thus could not have provided informed consent.” [Wikipedia]

Many Dozens Of Unethical Experiments
Unethical human experimentation in the United States [Wikipedia]

Eugenics in the United States
“Eugenics, the set of beliefs and practices which aims at improving the genetic quality of the human population played a significant role in the history and culture of the United States prior to its involvement in World War II.”

” Eugenics was practiced in the United States many years before eugenics programs in Nazi Germany, which were largely inspired by the previous American work. ”

“In 1907, Indiana passed the first eugenics-based compulsory sterilization law in the world. Thirty U.S. states would soon follow their lead. Although the law was overturned by the Indiana Supreme Court in 1921, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Buck v. Bell, upheld the constitutionality of the Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924, allowing for the compulsory sterilization of patients of state mental institutions in 1927.”

” Some states sterilized “imbeciles” for much of the 20th century. Although compulsory sterilization is now considered an abuse of human rights, Buck v. Bell was never overturned, and Virginia did not repeal its sterilization law until 1974. The most significant era of eugenic sterilization was between 1907 and 1963, when over 64,000 individuals were forcibly sterilized under eugenic legislation in the United States. Beginning around 1930, there was a steady increase in the percentage of women sterilized, and in a few states only young women were sterilized. From 1930 to the 1960s, sterilizations were performed on many more institutionalized women than men. By 1961, 61 percent of the 62,162 total eugenic sterilizations in the United States were performed on women. A favorable report on the results of sterilization in California, the state with the most sterilizations by far, was published in book form by the biologist Paul Popenoe and was widely cited by the Nazi government as evidence that wide-reaching sterilization programs were feasible and humane.” [Wikipedia]

Project MKUltra
“Project MKUltra, also called the CIA’s mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects, at times illegal, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control.” [Wikipedia]

Solitary Confinement In The United States
In its annual “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices,” the U.S. State Department has described solitary confinement as torture. [Wikipedia]

Solitary confinement is a form of imprisonment in which an inmate is isolated from any human contact, often with the exception of members of prison staff, for 22–24 hours a day, with a sentence ranging from days to decades.

Solitary confinement receives severe criticism for having detrimental psychological effects and constituting torture. [Wikipedia]

According to a law review article by Elizabeth Vasiliades, America’s detention system is far below the basic minimum standards for treatment of prisoners under international law and has caused an international human rights concern: “U.S. solitary confinement practices contravene international treaty law, violate established international norms, and do not represent sound foreign policy.”

The documented psychological effects led one judge in a 2001 suit to rule that “Solitary confinement units are virtual incubators of psychoses—seeding illness in otherwise healthy inmates and exacerbating illness in those already suffering from mental infirmities.” In fact, as of 2016, there have been thirty-five U.S. Supreme Court cases petitioning solitary confinement.

In October 2011, UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan E. Méndez, told the General Assembly’s third committee, which deals with social, humanitarian, and cultural affairs, that the practice could amount to torture.

“Considering the severe mental pain or suffering solitary confinement may cause, it can amount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment when used as a punishment, during pre-trial detention, indefinitely or for a prolonged period, for persons with mental disabilities or juveniles,” he warned.

In November 2014. the United Nations Committee Against Torture noted that full isolation for 22–23 hours a day in super-maximum security prisons is unacceptable. [Wikipedia]

The U.S. has also effectively “insulated itself from any official sanction for international violations by not submitting to the jurisdiction” of committees that enforce the ICCPR or CAT. [Wikipedia]

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture defines as “physical and social isolation of individuals who are confined to their cells for 22 to 24 hours a day,” and to which some 80,000 people are being subjected to every day in the United States. [Source]

The Greatest Challenges Beget The Greatest Rewards

Money is cause for a lot of psychological and physical suffering in this world. I sometime get anxious over money myself. I’ve even experience financial anxiety this year even though I’ve probably made more this year than the five previous year combined and my financial expectations are brighter than ever.

Even though those bout of anxiety are totally irrational for me and have lasted for only a couple seconds each, they are connecting me with people who are going through real hardship.

I could have listed a lot more testimonies and could have given a much more detail pictures of society’s current elite but the truth is, I’m not here to go face to face against the ruling elite whoever they are nor am I here seeking to punish or shame anyone.

But rather, I’m here to help in the creation of better systems of governance, systems that make the current governments irrelevant.

I here to help, to inspire, to enthuse because that’s what feels right.

As for challenges we’re faced with individually as well as collectively, I see them as an integral part of making life awesome. If challenges didn’t exist then freewill couldn’t exist either as every decisions, every act of freewill poses its challenges.

I see life as something to be celebrated at all time even when faced with its greatest challenges.

The Propaganda Apparatus
When You’re Ready To Rise Up, You’ll Rise Up
All the power you need, is in your hand. Now look around you. Our financial systems have been hijacked by a generation of thieves. While you’re working harder and harder for less and less. The game is being rigged against you. They’re turning all of us into virtual slaves.

Looters, at the heart of our financial system. Our price fixing our most precious resources. Food, water, energy, gold, even the value of money is being siphoned away by high level crooks in a giant mushrooming conspiracy of unstoppable corruption. They’re robbing billions of people of trillions of dollars a year folks.

There is no need for hostility measures. There is no need for financial suffering. No need for poverty. There is no scarcity. We are simply the victims of a robbery of unimaginable proportions.

We have been fed a lie so vast it oppresses all of humanity. The truth is there is more than enough to go around.

We have technologies that multiply our efforts 1000 fold. And connect us in ways they never imagined. We are now 100 times richer than in that great hay day in the 50’s.

We are heirs to a great bounty of prosperity. 70 trillion in the U.S. alone over 200,000 dollars for every man woman and child. The only reason we don’t experience this wealth is because it’s being siphoned by away from a corrupt criminal class. They loot through giant corporations raising prices lowering wages stealing the fruits of our productivity. Where once whole families prospered with just one provider. Now both parents work. Delivering 8 times the productivity but struggling to make ends meat. They control the media using hot button social issues to divide us brother against brother. So we fight each other while they loot our sacred institutions.

Don’t give yourselves to these crooks. Who abuse you. And enslave you. Who steal your lives. Tell you what to do. What to think. What to feel. Let us burn these leeches off our backs. Let us replace their corrupt systems with better systems that benefit everyone. Let us reclaim the fruits of our productivity. Let us share our prosperity. We can do this now. We are the creators. And when we come together we have the power to create whatever future we want. “* [Transcript]

The Wayseer Manifesto
ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits and troublemakers – all you free spirits and pioneers – all you visionaries and non-conformists …

Everything that the establishment has told you is wrong with you – is actually what’s right with you.

You see things others don’t. You are hardwired to change the world. Unlike 9 out of 10 people – your mind is irrepressible – and this threatens authority. You were born to be a revolutionary.

You can’t stand rules because in your heart you know there’s a better way.

You have strengths dangerous to the establishment – and it wants them eliminated, So your whole life you’ve been told your strengths were weaknesses – Now I’m telling you otherwise.

Wayseers comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable… Wayseers are the ones who keep contact with the original source of reality – they are able to disrupt societal conventions and even governments to realign humanity with the Way.

Wayseers reveal this divine truth by devoting themselves to the birth of some creative or disruptive act expressed through art or philosophy, innovations to shake up industry, revolutions for democracy, coups that topple hypocrisy, movements of solidarity, changes that leave a legacy, rebellions against policy, spirit infused technology, moments of clarity, things that challenge barbarity, watersheds of sincerity, momentous drives for charity

This is your calling, Wayseer.
You’ve found your tribe.
Welcome home. [Transcript]