I don’t want to work for anybody but for Blockchain – Part 1

finance investment

The picture above eludes everybody. We all want to work like him.

I myself worked for 20 years starting in 1995 and lately dreamed of working like the guy in the picture. In fact when I left my Job in 2015 -I went out to my village and started doing coding to use Amazon Cloud Service for my long conceived and nurtured ideas of running a AI enabled Robotic Trader as seen in below picture

finance investment

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finance investment

After working for nearly two years -I deployed my solution on AWS and it did produce very good results which I kept sharing on my web VulturesPick.

However, the dilemma I faced was

I had to have somebody to monitor that everything is running OK
If there was a problem then I had to be available to make it work again
And if I needed to scale up then accordingly I needed more human resources
All the above points actually needed my round the clock personal attention which I always wanted to stay away from.

What was needed is an ecosystem in which an unbiased reward mechanism drives various stakeholders, according to their capability, to onboard, contribute, cooperate, compete, be rewarded, and leave & rejoin at wish without being answerable to any human being – the badass BOSS.

I kept searching to rescue myself from this grinding need of being available to run an organization and not becoming myself a badass boss. And then I re-stumbled upon the world of blockchain in March 2017. I say restumbled because first time I came close to it is when post Lehman Brothers Collapse – I happened to know about the now famous Bitcoin in March 2009 when I was packing my bags in Cairo to go to Houston on another important assignment in Schlumberger. I was convinced then about the merits of Bitcoin, although did not action, and I am convinced now.

In last one year I have studied a lot about this world of blockchain. I now see a possibility of realizing my dream of not working for anybody.

In next post I will list out various possibilities that I may engage myself in to free myself from working for a badass BOSS but for a system. Stay Tuned.

In the meantime please share your ideas how people can work for blockchain.