Horrifying photos of serious environmental pollution in the world

Asia Travel Jun 17, 2019

The pictures of serious environmental pollution in the world, looking at them is too horrifying…
Environmental pollution is a red alert issue all over the world, if people do not join hands to solve, the next consequence we have to pay is the life of millions of people.

A man on a polluted river in China

A girl swims in the river full of waste in India

Serious polluting emissions from factories in China


Melting in Antarctica, Melting ice speed is unprecedented this year

When sea animals get stuck in trash
The whale gets rope and garbage wrapped in the tail

The river is seriously polluted by chemicals in China

Global warming
White bears lost their place in the Arctic melting ice

Poisoned fish in Hubei province, China


In Situ Burning
A big fire seen from above

Mexico City
Houses in Mexico

Polluted Brick Kilns, Bangladesh

Results of oil mining
Pollution in canada industrial factory