General Insurance: If Insurance Companies Were Honest

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General Insurance people are really just the superheroes of bending us over for the pleasure of paying them to do the bare minimum. I’d like to offer you some car insurance not because I particularly care about you or your car.

This is one of those rare products where if you don’t buy it you’re doing a crime so like any superhero essentially stopping criminals and I do this by allowing you to give me money for doing nothing yet but if you do get into an accident.

We may offer you a promise to maybe pay you some of that money back depending on what happened we’re calling it the insurance heroes protection plan even though protection is not the right word at all we don’t protect you from anything we just give you back a small portion of the money.

You were forced to give us and we do this after something happens from which you could have used actual protection you’re welcome we’re happy to pretend that we’re helping you.

If you’re not a fan of kind old white men in suits we’ve got a wide range of diverse representatives with non-threatening and friendly enough faces it’ll be there whenever you need to give a company some of your money to prevent a crime which is every month or else.

If you trust this little lady the most you can buy it from her again it doesn’t matter who she or I or any of us we’ll use every possible excuse to not pay for your accident even though that’s the opposite of the one thing you pay us for and regardless of whether we do the thing you pay us to do.

We don’t do the thing you pay us to do we promise to charge you more money from then on for even mentioning it to us essentially punishing you for using our service which again you are legally required to do but we don’t only protect your car.

We protect your peace of mind there’s a child that may remind you of your own and here’s a list of unlikely scenarios in which your child could die if you give us more money.

we’ll help you out of any of these tragic events if they happen which they won’t because we’ve effectively terrified you and and never letting anything happen to your child ever you’re welcome kiddo and thanks for your money as if you had a choice.

Any government that requires insurance as part of the social contract should provide it. We should never be forced to do business with a private company if we don’t want to.

If we’re forced to carry insurance, and forced to make someone else money, at least let that money go back into the government to so we can afford a decent tax plan.

This is why people hate insurance companies… like they are forced to pay for a service they may never use, and are punished for when they do use it by being forced to pay even more money.

I forgot to mention that if you think an auto insurance company isn’t paying you what it should after an accident, you can call an accident/injury lawyer who will not collect any pay unless they win or settle your case – usually around 30 percent of the proceeds.

In Australia they have insurance comp advertising “20% off”. They don’t even state how much money is being discounted or what the going rate for such insurance is. Not that it matters, it’s all trouble anyway but still it shows how marketing is full of it and people are suckers.

Automobile Insurance Companies are in it with the Government whom made it illegal to drive without paying insurance on your vehicle. Monthly fees to keep you insured so the police don’t impound your car and your license (btw Driver License robbed us of our right to travel by turning it into a priviledge rather than a right – see Magna Carta on that).

On a side note, the supreme court has ruled that as an American citizen you can travel by vehicle without a license and without any forced insurance.

“Driving” as far as the law is concerned is a job title. Such as a taxi driver, or a pizza delivery driver. If you are a driver then you need a license.

Example: you can cook a meal at home to eat and no license is required. But if you cook for the public then you meed a food handlers license.

The same is true for traveling in a vehicle. You are not “driving” if you are traveling.
You are only driving if you are delivering persons or goods for monetary compensation.