Why are so many smart and attractive women still rolling solo?

You have probably asked your stunning friend a lot of times, why she’s single and not in a hurry to have a family. She might joke around about this subject, but the origins of the issue are much deeper.

A growing number of beautiful and smart women prefer not to be in relationships. Approximately 50.2 percent of Americans are single, which is roughly 124.6 million individuals, and there are more single than married women in the usa.

1. Modern women are independent.

Women have been fighting for their rights and are changing the world. A growing number of women get jobs which are on par or better than guys and become independent. They do not have to ask guys anymore for assistance with the physical work since they can call a service and pay money. And at times it is quicker than waiting for your spouse to repair a problem.

2. Women have started to respect their freedom and free time more.

So now rather than cooking at home for a husband and lots of children after office work, women just prefer to spend their time on themselves. It seems more appealing to go to a spa, a beauty salon, shopping or a master course of self-development, than to take care of children or clean up after a person

3. Women are becoming more emotionally secure.

When folks tell jokes about powerful single women with cats, it’s actually not a joke. Girls have become more powerful, more emotionally secure, and more educated. The contemporary world provides them approximately the same chances as men. It impacts their psychology. You’re not afraid to remain single without a way of sustenance. You’d be better off waiting for an equal individual, than sharing a bed with a guy who you do not love or do not respect