Restaurant Criticized For Serving Burger With Line Of White Powder On Top

Talk about him in Colombia and you find people angry that you muttered his name and then you’ve police that are dealing with the cocaine industry he started.

So you can imagine people’s reactions when an Aussie pop-up restaurant began selling hamburgers like these:

The restaurant in Melbourne, affectionately called Pablo Escoburgers (see what they did there), has come under fire recently after one of the items went viral.

You may grab the Patron hamburger, which looks like your run of the mill hamburger except it is topped with a line of white powder looking much like cocaine, and of course it is finished off with a fake $100 American invoice.

It ought to be noted that this pop up is not handing out large white slugs to everybody, instead it is just garlic powder intended to mimic cocaine – duh.

In addition to that, you can purchase the vegetarian burger, which includes salt encased in a white baggie that, again, looks very similar to cocaine. Oh, and there is a spoon.

Though some people may find it funny, there has been a ferocious reaction online.

“I’d love to see someone attempt to explain this to their kid who only wants to eat a hamburger?” wrote one person.

Another viewer said:”How do we describe (to) you folks it is N’T FUNNY? Try to do this with Hitler and see what happens. Use your brain people.”

The co-owner of this restaurant, Vaughn Marks, states their institution was given a 2-star rating on Facebook because, he asserts, a whole lot of mad Colombians downvoted him for glorifying Escobar.

Because of this, he has issued a statement, saying:”We are extremely pleased with our hamburgers but we do also know that Pablo Escobar was a dreadful man who ruined the lives of tens of thousands of Colombians,” the announcement read.

“We don’t condone, idolize or market Pablo Emilio Escobar or his activities in any way. We know how to have a laugh about a play on words and are Australian.

“It’s just a title of a pop-up hamburger bar not actually a theme. Difficult to not offend someone in 2019.”

He is sticking to his guns and will not change the title, regardless of the backlash. He’s asked those who’ve enjoyed the food to give them a rating to balance out of the reviews that were negative.