You Can Now Buy A Special Drying Coat For Your Dog

Giving a dog a bath is a painful experience all around. Not only because they obviously hate the entire experience and would rather be outside chasing a squirrel somewhere,

but also because when you finally lift them out to wash them off with a towel, they always seem so damn gloomy – shivering pathetically like a cold, nervous wreck.

Same applies when it comes to taking them for a cold walk in the rain – you know you need to do it, but it does not prevent your four-legged pal looking seriously sorry for itself about the entire debacle.

But thankfully, now you can purchase a special drying coating for your dog to assist them dry off fast, meaning there is an end to soggy paws running amok in your house.

Basically, you attach the Puff and Fluff coat to your hairdryer so you can dry off your great boy easily, with larger sizes also available that include attachments for two hairdryers. I know, what a time to be alive.

Employing this should decrease the stress some animals go through once the hair dryer is switched on and pointed at them – it also helps minimise the’wet dog’ odor that is usually pretty unavoidable once you’re a pet owner.

It’s basically a rectangular piece of material that sees you put your dog’s paws through the leg holes prior to bringing the sides together and fastening them with a loop and hook. Drawstrings around tail and the head are fastened, and you may begin to dry your dog.

The item comes in four dimensions, meaning there will be one to fit every dog – with additional little priced at #30.53, little at $34.35, moderate at $38.18 and big at $53.46.

The site claims that any hair drier can be attached along with that hair or smallish dogs may take around 10-20 minutes to wash, while bigger and/or long hair dogs will take 20-30 minutes or more.

It is already a company hit with clients – one Amazon reviewer wrote:”My 14lb Maltese/Yorkie dog enjoys it. He’s really taken to it, although we used it twice. The first time it was used by us, he appeared unsure. But on the next time he sat there, waiting to be fluffed and jumped onto it!

“It requires less than 10 minutes to wash him, which is fantastic since I never dried his hair before and it might take two towels to remove excess water from him, and another hour to allow him to fully air dry.”

A second wrote:”Gave this as a Christmas present to my friend who has two small Yorkies. They LOVED it. Both get scared during the bath procedure and them scare.

“However, with all the Puff-n-Fluff they felt comfy and warm; among them lay down while she had it on. They were both dry! Terrific product worth purchasing!”

Do they make these for people, also?!