A 75-year-old Georgian woman cut-off the internet in an entire country for more than 12 hours with only her garden spade.

Hayastan Shakarian sliced through an underground cable while digging to scavenge copper.

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As she sliced into the fibre optic cable – the elderly woman single-handedly triggered a internet blackout for millions.

“I have no idea what the internet is,” she would later claim.

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Ms Shakarian was digging in the hamlet of Ksani – some 37 miles outside the capital city of Tbilisi – when she left neighbouring Armenia without Internet access for twelve hours.

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Leading web outages were additionally caused by the pensioner across Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In total, more than three-and-a-half million people were sat in front of error codes and clean displays after the then-75-year old got the better of her spade into the backbone cable.

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Television reports showed footage of reporters working for a news agency in the capital Yerevan fell off in front of displays that were clean.

Hayastan Shakarian was immediately dubbed the Spade Hacker for the disastrous damage she caused.

“The girl was hunting for some copper lines that she was expecting she could to sell,” a police representative said at the time.

The cable damaged by the aged Georgian runs through a slew of eastern European countries – linking these states to western Europe.

Dubbed the Fibre-Optic Backbone, the cable runs underground, mostly along the exact same routes as the railway tracks.

The line joins Bulgaria and Georgia, before crossing the Black Sea to the Georgian port of Poti, where it after forks into Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The company that possesses the cable, Georgian Railway Telecom, said the damage due to the pensioner in 2011 influenced 90 per cent of corporate and private internet users in neighbouring Armenia.

Although the firm insisted the 380-mile fibre optic cable has robust protection, it was formerly been damaged by another scrap metal scavenger back in 2009.