This Video Reason Why Donald Trump Will Get Elected

Growing up in Brooklyn the name Donald Trump was a well know household name. He was always know for being involved in communities around Ny and for his residential housings for average people. He would also attend Jewish and Israeli parade.

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The interviews of Mr. Trump really show how smart and up to date on foreign affairs as well as the US economy is really doing. I cannot believe the GOP are not embracing Mr. Trump. He has been talking about how bad the politicians really are for years.

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Posted by Ozzy Man Reviews on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The video shows that Trump has been consistent over the years on his views and ideas on what is wrong with this country. This video should be promoted to wherever and whenever possible. It shows his vision, leadership, and ability to Make America Great Again!

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The insight into your journey that brought you to this point in time. Alot of people don’t know that beside growing up in a great nurturing family, that your sunday mornings were spent in church listening to your minister, the great Norman Vincent Peale.

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He was the author of many great books, which I have read some, The Power of Positive Thinking is my favorite. We are hungry for a leader that wants great things for America again. We pray everyday for your safety and continued guidance in Making the United States Of America Great Again.

Most people get a negative impression of Trump if all they see is the attack ads and listen to the shameful media constantly cutting him down. Can the media ever say anything good about the man, his business success, his great family and all the good deeds he has done for others in need.

Trump is the only person truly qualified to deal with what we have. His interview with the House Committee in 1991 8s very long and extremely impressive.An elegant and complex brain that just blew away the minds of the government officials who did not understand economics. Our National Security is Related to our Economic Independence. Our jobs depend of productivity and so on.