Instagram artist blows peoples minds with her make-up

The Vancouver-based make-up artist specialises in hyper-realistic painting and optical illusions that are bound to fuck with your head.

When you think of surrealism, you usually imagine artists like Salvador Dali and filmmakers like David Lynch – you don’t usually think about people who deal with make-up. But Mimi Choi could be about to change that.

It’s even weirder when it’s split into four:

She chopped a bloke up here:

My chopped body #makeup digitally animated by @theglitch.og ???????????? • Model: @r.mac

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Some of her stuff is pretty fruity:

Absolutely mind-blowing:

Been doing makeup in front of this mirror inside of my bathroom for more than 3 years now (10+ years if you count those university years when I did my own clubbing makeup, etc) No fancy lights, backdrop or even a chair — I've always enjoyed standing in that little gap between my sink and my toilet and painting away for hours. I like tight spaces, it makes me feel secure. Sometimes I have music on, sometimes my cat sits in the sink and falls asleep while watching me… It's therapeutic. I'll be moving to a new place soon which means that I will have to adapt to a new painting environment. It's both scary and exciting at the same time because I've grown so attached to my old makeup spot. But I'll adapt and maybe it will finally motivate me to invest in better equipments. ⭐️ _________________________ "INCEPTION" #makeup illusion inspired by a photoshopped image of Paul Ryan. Used @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_canada pencil and liquid eyeliners plus matte eyeshadows for this look. Lashes are all @houseoflashes "Knockout" falsies except for the littlest ones that I had to paint on. All hand-painted, took 3 hours.

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