Black man with gun pulled over no one killed

Handled very well by both men. I’ve always thought about keeping my hands up and asking the officer to take my weapon from me if I were to ever be in a situation like this.

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Was headed home from an afternoon of riding, wheelies, and twisties. Just so happened to run into an interesting situation.

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Although it’s usually on my hip next to my wallet. One time an officer removed it for me, another time they just had me unload it and set it on the dash slowly.

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Not saying there isn’t a problem with some officers but so far I when I have treated officers with respect I have had no issues other than tickets when I was genuinely doing something stupid.

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We’ve got many problems in this state and it is always great to see the fine police stops.

Through the first half of the picture, the character firing at the firearm in this cliplists a group of action movie troupes, if they have ever done them inquiring the other principal character.

Generally the response is no, since prior to the events of the film his truth had been similar to a standard, if real life that is exceptionally qualified Constable.

Into telling folks policemen had to get your firearm if they pull you over for a traffic infraction when I was getting my concealed carry the man teaching the course was superb. Like wtf? I get it is the law, but cause problem.

I am not black, do not carry a firearm, but when I get pulled over, I make sure to place up my hands, off my steering wheel, where they can be seen by the policemen. I believe that this is appreciated by them. Each and every time they pull someone over, they must have the guards upward. Its greatest for both parties if you do whatever you can to make them feel safer (beyond forfeiting your civil liberties).

I always do my best to make the policeman feel safe. He is only doing his job. I suppose the policeman is prepared for ANYTHING when approaching my vehicle. I make sure an officer can see my hands and keys (on dashboard near windshield already), so they understand I am not going to punch, fight, or flee. I declare any knives or weapons in the vehicle, also.